Club Announcement at 2


Just A Radge
Why was Kenny an idiot. You will undoubtedly have documentation of your statement.

Did you ever listen to his interviews ??
I have stated on here before why he was an idiot. His interviews were completely unprofessional. Some of the stuff he used to put up was laughable to say the least , a fry cry from what you'd expect from a professional football club..

I can give you examples if you like but it'd be going over old ground..


Just A Radge
Nothing more than a splendid trustworthy St Pats source telling me that another St Pats member saw LG firing into ER reception, while waiting to get his season tickets. Make of it what you want.

Might have been a mirage.

I would like it to be the case every bit as much as your good self, but have an eerie feeling LG was picking up season tickets, too. Or perhaps tickets for the final Hibs Women's game at Ainslie Park on Sunday.
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