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Got a message fae a mate, Lennon up tae his auld tricks Mibbes? Dinnae ken if there’s any truth but remembering what happened at Easter Road.

Big problems at Lennoxtown on Monday according to someone close to the squad.

Lennon went through the team one by one, but Brown wasn’t having any of it. Said the players have had enough of Lennon’s lack of professionalism. Apparently he’s been turning up to training stinking of booze. Lennon went mental and had to be held back by Big Duffy.

French contingent have chucked it, say they won’t play for Lennon anymore.

Lawwell is working his ticket for a move to Man Utd to replace Ed Woodward, so he’s checked out.

Absolute shambles on and off the park. The 10 is in real danger

Kennedy fell out with Lennon on Friday at training.

Duffy made to play after getting an abscess removed from his mouth along with 2 teeth - said he didn’t feel ready to play and Jullien fit enough but manager did not want him to play after fallout at training.

So basically the manager is doing what he did at Hibs.

Falling out with players

Attending training drunk

Having zero tactics

Sitting in dugout spitting out skol bandits onto pitch

He’s so far up his own arse its time for him and the guy that brought him to leave with immediate effect.

Eddy does not want to play for Lennon and thinks he’s a bully.


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Imo, I'd think his whingy personality causes problems in the dressing room and, consequently, in player performances, but I'd think that all rumours of big bust ups are exaggeration. Don't forget the rumours that were flying round at the time of his Hibs departure. He had Kamberi's card marked, though, I'll say that for him. It's up Celtic's, though


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The huns have spent vast amounts of money on stopping Celtic winning 10 in a row, and Celtic have not responded very well to this challenge.

I still think Lennon done a great job at Hibs when he was here, however as we are seeing again now, he loses focus in his job when things start to go wrong. They were easily beaten by the huns last Sunday on their own patch, and Milan took them to the cleaners on Thursday night. They need to start winning again or Lennon will be under huge pressure. They can't afford to see the huns start to pull away.
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Couldn't believe how bad Celtic were on Thursday night against Sparta Prague. Playing like that they would be struggling to beat Albion Rovers.

Their players do not look properly fit, and it's clear there are problems behind the scenes.
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Surely the writing is on the wall now. Lennon just can't seem to dig his teams out of a hole. He'll probably turn round and surprise me by winning the League and arguably that task is easier when they don't have the distraction of European competition.


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Just a matter of time before he is emptied.

The huns have pulled away in the league and look very strong.

They are out of the Europa Cup after some truly dismal performances.

Defensively they are all over the place.

Many of their fans have started to turn on him and there is a clear disconnect with the players.

He will try to fight on as long as he can, but it's clearly over for him at Parkhead.

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I’d like to like him as a previous manager of Hibs (him, no me) but I find it difficult.
I found it near impossible to like him while he was the Hibs manager so I have no like for him now. I do have some empathy for him as he clearly suffers from mental instability but knowing that I find it odd that he continually puts himself in jobs he is not stable enough to cope with. It seems even weirder that people choose to employ him in said jobs!


I liked him at Hibs - his desire to win was infectious.

At his best he was gallous and demanding.

At his worst, he was tactically found wanting (at times) and always chose to throw the players under the bus than take any responsibility.


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I liked Hibs teams managed by Lennon, he replaced a soft centre with a backbone.

He was very good for us, performance wise, most of his tenure. I do think he is limited as a manager though, he seems to be getting found out now. Celtic have went back under him whilst the huns have kicked on with Gerrard, this don’t surprise me.

Think he will be gone by end of January 21


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I liked him at Hibs - his desire to win was infectious.

At his best he was gallous and demanding.

At his worst, he was tactically found wanting (at times) and always chose to throw the players under the bus than take any responsibility.
Totally agree with this.

It was time for him to go when he went, he was spent at us - exactly the same as with McLeish, done well for a while and improved us, got a good feeling about the place, then thought he was bigger than the club and results started to show him up ... fd off to one of the ugly sisters, started well, then ... well history repeats
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