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Turkey is another , there are loads its not uncommon these days i don't think and dont these things tend to stem from the top ??
Imo it comes from the top in Britain though. They feed it to the populace to get their way, knowing fine well the gullible buy into it


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In all your flailing-about whataboutery you are forgetting a couple of things. Britain may well be pretty tolerant compared with some countries. But the countries concerned mainly did not have their own huge Empire like Britain, where citizenship - just like the Romans did - was doled out as a prize to the foreign 'subjects'.

So it was pretty inevitable that as and when Britain needed extra hands they turned to the sub-continent and the Caribbean.

And look how long it took us to get 'tolerant' - Baden Powell, NF, etc. And don't think that Britain is all that tolerant nowadays, it is polarising up with the rest of the world.

I guess you must know quite a few Muslims to be able to fell such a sweeping judgment on them all that they all but help terrorists do what they do.

The Muslims I know and argue with about religion all tell me that Islam is the religion of peace. I am now at a point where I think that they mean 'resignation in the face of fate' rather than peace as Christians might call it. Whatever, I don't see Glasgow protestants all running to the cops to tell on their pals and neighbours who have been beating up wives or 'bothering' Catholics. Or the other way round.

It starts with yourself realising that other races are not of themselves enemies. They are made so by your governing culture and the little people that make up the masses are no better and no worse morally than any other group of humans.

Grow and learn.
Wondered when it would come round to protestants and Catholics.
Anybody that gives a fuck about religion can get fucked


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Sorry to repeat myself but you can get fucked anaw, everything is our fault , get fucked.
People have been subjegating other people, races , religion since time immemorial.
Zulus subjugated east Africa, arabs were/ and still are traders in slavery but its all some wee white *&*^ fae Leiths fault.
Get fucked
So we just keep repeating repeating the same shit the same shit again and again and a fukkin gain?
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