Who's been affected with work by Covid?

Sir Shrink

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Pleased to hear that.
The guys and gals manning sorry personning the stores and fending off arseholes without masks but oversupplied with trackies need rewarding.
I applaud the NHS workers, but also the stalwarts that have kept us all going.

Hope your kitchen is ok. Some dodgy fitters .......

Westside Green

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Work for a supermarket 10% bonus for 3 months just for turning up all the overtime i wanted and another 10% bonus in Dec

typing this sitting in my brand new fitted kitchen
Just need to get them paying enhanced rates for overtime and you could be driving a shiny new motor as well.


radge grandad radge
Worked right through for an agency, some weeks 1, 2,3 or 4 nights, some 5. Supposed tae be semi retired but cannae complain. If I had of been still in the building game I wid probs have been idle. Wife works in care home so she’s been under a bit pressure but coping. Youngest laddie still lives wi us, he’s been workin from hame since lockdown started and no sign of that changing any time soon. He was actually getting overtime a few weeks ago, lyin in his kip wi his laptop!
Thousands of high street workers. Gangster who robbed workers pensions and held a select committee in utter contempt, Sir Phillip Green described by the fuckin hopeless BBC News tonight as colourful.