What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?


Legendary Radge
Dinner time. 2 of these fellas fae Morrison's in the air drier to cook for 20 minutes. Pig Out. Quality name.

Wrapping Christmas presents, Listening to Waterpistol by Shack

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Large bottle of this from those splendid Williams Brothers in Alloa.

Dedicated to Dave McPherson.

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Great album and beer

Finally finished work , bottle of estrella and salt and vinegar square crisps



Legendary Radge
Enchiladas with black beans, peppers, tomatoes etc, bottle of Schiehallion

Now cup of tea and a twix watching the snooker

( salted caramel twix appears to be exactly the same as usual variety )
Tea time. Large cauliflower head caramelizing in air frier, Salco vegan Ch**se sauce fired over shortly.

Listening to Sreamadelica. Ziggy on next.

Trio J New England IPA.


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Friday night is pizza night for me. Chilli Chicken Pizza with added pancetta, olives, garlic and spanish pickled peppers. Friday is also McGuigans Shiraz reserve night and Gogglebox at 9 and the Last Leg at 10. Currently listening to Gary Davis does the 80's on Radio 2.


New radge
Eating chicken stir-fry , watching West Ham v Man U , waiting on The Leeds game coming on


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radge grandad radge
Just had chilli con carne wi garlic breed, drinking Bud and watchin Man U get shagged. Was gonni watch Hibs on Alba but they commentators are slaverin *&*^, I dinnae understand them unless am pished.


Went Swiss tonight. The laddie made a fondue followed by Rösti with Brussels sprouts. Not a bad effort for a first attempt. Enjoying a Chianti and catching up on the Biathlon

The Family

Capital Radge
Tandoori chicken biryani with chips and chilli sauce, washed down with an ice cold Coke Zero 👌🏻 Watching the film Taken.

Hibee Kev

Well-Known Radge
Watching the EPL on the telly having just scranned some chilli con carne, drinking today’s offering from the Brewdog advent calendar - Punk IPA on steroids!


Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
Usual sat night pizza,wee change of toppings haggis,jalapenos,chorizo and serrano ham.
Drinking heart and soul IPA,with 19 crimes chaser.
Watching come dine with me.
My next door neighbour just handed in a glass of 18yr old Ardbeg.


Atlanta Hibs Radge
Was oot playing golf today and missed the game. Waiting patiently for highlights on Hibs TV.
Got some ribeyes marinating as we speak.
Baked potato and some unnecessary greens on the side.
Beautiful day here in Atlanta.
Sitting ootside sipping a delicious Pinot.
Hertz are shite.
Atlanta YLT