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Hibee Kev

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Tea time.
Today the Tofu press was out. Pressed a block, sliced the much thinner waterless block. Half slices fried in seasoned olive oil. Shed load of various greens added and stir fried.

A can of this stuff. Brewdog V Evil Twin collaboration Roaster Coaster Nitro Vietnamese Coffee Imperial Stout. 9.0 % ABV. £3.50 In Tesco. Not from Brewdog Scottish brewery but the USA, fair enough on price. It is absolutely brilliant.

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Tried that a few months ago Gordon - it is delicious!


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I had lentil and bacon soup, and for the first time, added HP sauce. Yup, its a braw addition. Listening to Microsoft Teams training exercise for my sins.


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Lovely sativa flower, rolled straight with bleach free veras (the most vegan meal on the bounce :gigglle:), drinking some piping hot Earl Grey and reading the bounce and loving every one of you radges out there.

... where the fook is beefy by the way?

Fucked off ages ago?

I am making pork escalopes, no decided to do it with some spaghetti or vegan coleslaw. Opened some wine and like you, enjoying reading the interweb.