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Atlanta Hibs Radge
Bounce Radge
Home made Chicken Vindaloo with Basmati Rice, Raita and Garlic Nan.
wee veggie Samosa to start. Washed down with a Sierra Nevada followed up wi a Miemo Pinot Noir.
Watching Modern Family. Brawsome


Atlanta Hibs Radge
Bounce Radge
First ever attempt at fish n chips.
Followed Ramsey recipe.
Made the batter.
This COVID thing has given me time to try out cooking. Actually love it.
Fish n chips were brawsome.
Used Cod - will try haddock next week.
Mushy peas - store bought.
Hand cut chips.
Bottle o Pinot.
Life is good.
Sitting outside dining.


Bounce Radge
Getting into those Alpro non dairy yoghurts someone mentioned earlier in thread for breakfast with fruit and some muesli or oats.

had a steak tonight with salad and some roast tatties with spicy sauce


Atlanta Hibs Radge
Bounce Radge
ribeye on the grill tonight. side of gold potatoes and some brussel sprouts.
Sweetwater IPA while preparing, usual Pinot while consuming.
somebody has to do it.


Up near Oban. Went to the Oyster Inn, they were struggling to cope. Nae mussels or oysters, had whitebait and fresh haddock then a cheeseboard. Pints of Maltsmiths. All decent BUT one or two of my family had some horrors. Very poor for them. A bill of £130 including 12 pints for 9 of us for three courses and soft drinks. Bargain.
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