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Making spanish style chicken casserole with chorizo, paprika, vino tinto, peppers, red onions and tomatoes, served with roast tatties, baked med veg and garlic green beans, glass of Clara, which is spanish shandy, lager with cloudy lemonade, got the radio and reading the bounce after my first trip to the clothes shops in 4 months in advance of my two laddies birthdays over the next fortnight, some good deals on.


Atlanta Hibs Radge
Bounce Radge
Recently upgraded the outdoor grill. Been Al Fresco ever since.
last night was a beautiful Ribeye steak, with onion salad and mashed potatoes.
Wee Sweetwater IPA while cooking and a large 'Bread and Butter' Pinot Noir while hecking.
Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie for afters.
Tonight is a rack of St. Louis Style Ribs, home made potato salad & a side of mixed veg.
tanning the reminder o the Pinot.
someones gotta do it.

living as I do amongst the Trumper COVID bammers, I've nae choice but to hunker doon.
could fair murder a pint o best in the Harp n Castle.

rewatching the Sopranos. Season 1 - vintage.
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**** The Hearts
Brunch 2 x bowls of homemade French onion soup, small malted baton.
2 scoops of delicious Swedish Glace Soy Dairy Free Vanilla ice cream.


Tea time was two fat wraps filled with fried Tofu, avacado, chopped spring onion and drizzle of sweet chilli sauce.

Been listening to classic Motown,Soul and Blues since morning till now.

Bread baked also 4 potato, onion and V cheese pasties. Washing hung out and back in. 'Great Scot' Scotch Broth Mix steeping 8-12 hrs overnight in preperation for tomorrow.

Quaffing ale.




Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
Big G inspired Vegan Spanakopita Triangle Spinach and Herb Pie from Greek Bakery in Bread street.

Worked with a lot of “Bubbles” not so long back and plenty of Greek Gaffs popping up in different parts of the toon and well worth a try.

Also got some top notch filled Bross bagels and gave a couple of slices of Simon Howie vegan sausage to the parentals to see what they old Duffers make of it.

Kind regards
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