What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?

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Atlanta Hibs Radge
Burgers Hotdogs on the grill. Barbecue baked beans on the side (shut it shrink).
Watching new season of succession - Episode 1 fantastico!
As an aside, I see our beloved neighbours are claiming the episode where the kids bought the wrong team. They actually have their players in a kit with the way star Royco logo.
Do they not understand they were the butt of the joke 🤣


Thread starter
Chicken and mixed pepper stir fry with noodles in a soya, spring onion and oyster sauce, a bottle of fruit cider and listening to a Motown thing on the radio.


Thread starter
97% pork (3% sawdust, pubes, lips, pubes, scrotums, flaps and arseholes), skin on chips and beans, broon sauce, 2 slices of loaf, diluting orange and the radio on whilst I act as an admin on the bounce (noting we can see the deleted posts, ya bams). Indigestion on so many levels.
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