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Had steak tonight, chased down with a couple of old fashioned’s.

Watched Snatch earlier, an all time favourite. Just finished the first episode of StartUp.


Atlanta Hibs Radge
Been on the sauce since the game.
Birthday week.
Closing out with a pizza washed doon wi a couple of delicious bottles o red.
Watching a recently digitalized video of Edinburgh Inter v Torino bar in the league cup final at leith links.
Features yours truly at center half in a 4-1 victory over the widoes fi lochend.
We beat you boys every fuckin time.
Get it right up ye.
Edinburgh Inter forever.


Thread starter
Garlic & Herb Spatchcock Chicken, Roast Tatties, Med Veg, Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower with a small pot of onion gravy, can of fruit cider and northern soul on the radio.


Well-Known Radge
Rib eye steak off the bbq, oven chips and mushy peas washed down by a YT Shiraz.

Enjoying watching the “eighties“ on Sky. Music was/is brilliant and it was such a memorable decade for so much more. Frightening it was 40 years ago, bastard time never slows doon.


Legendary Radge
Played fives at porty earlier tonight then a lovely pint in the persevere after.

now watching Jermaine Jenas stop and search show and having a can of red stripe and spicy bombay mix

emerald green

Well-Known Radge
salad and some noodles with marscapone sauce as nowt else in the cave.

drinking a coffee after another shit, hard day at work
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