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What you're eating. What you're drinking. What you're watching?

July Goal: £100.00
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Thread starter
I appreciate most folk think Muse are a bit wanky but just watched their Simulation Theory film/ concert hybrid thing on iPlayer and it's epic. Apparently got released in Imax in August but obviously not many would have got to see it. If they put it in Imax again I'll definitely go.

What you eating watching that, melancholia on toast washed doon with a glass of fuck that??


Legendary Radge
Vegetable Soup,Old Macaroni and Cheese mixed with old mince(surprsingly nice) and Natural Yohgurt, with a pineapple ring,Black Coffee and two chocolate digestives.Countryfile.


Thread starter
Garlic and herb spatchcock chicken in the oven, serves with crispy baked tattie slices and sweetcorn, a glass of Deuchars IPA (£1.29 in Home Bargains) and the radio on.


Thread starter
Garlic & Lemon Tempura Goujons (aka fancy fish fingers), chips, tartare and broon sauce, a pint of orange diluting and the bounce.


Thread starter
Beef black bean, basmati rice, duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce, an unusual Spanish Shiraz and Escocia on the telly.
12 inch Turkish Tortilla Lavas, rammed with outsize veg, peppers, tomatoes, beetroot, lettuce all from the splendid Akdeniz Mediterranean Supermarket at the Foot of the Walk.
Pint of coffee made with Taylor's Hot Lava Java Beans.
Watching BBC Scotland documentary about the splendid late Gerry Rafferty. Third time that I have seen it. Well worth it though. Going to have a dram of Cardhu Gold Reserve for afters.



Coffee Shop Radge
Feckin excellent pizzas from my local Turkish Roman kitchen coz fúkkaye Friday.

Funghi w extra peperoni (also said peperoni w extra funghi was fine) plus wee 4 stagioni.

Consumed w pre-bought Sensi. That's vino italiano, Chianti classico. Cost: fúck all really, 4 euro bottle.

Sizzlin on a Friday after a kúnt of a wurkinweek.

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
Stuffed jalapenos for starter.
Homemade gf pizza with smoked Brunswick ham and mushrooms.
Rioja shared with Swmbo and now working my way through a bottle of 19 crimes The Uprising.
Watching Femme fetal
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