What new Hibs book would you want to read?

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emerald green

Well-Known Radge
Read so many book about Hibs and our history over the years...going back to when I was a laddie and got "100 Years of Hibs" as a Christmas present. That book was written and published to commemorate our Centenary.

Biography of Harry Swan would be an interesting read. One of the most significant individuals in our club's great history.

Any book about the Duff/Gray/Mercer takeover era would hopefully have some new information and revelations from that time, because so much has already been written and discussed already.
Got this book, but cannot for the life of me find the dust cover for it!:cryy:

Hibee Kev

Legendary Radge
Would also love to read a detailed, impartial account of the Duff/Gray era and the Mercer takeover. This was around the time I started taking an interest in Hibs and going to games. That said, I do feel I know a lot of the key details from here on the Bounce!

Another “reveal all” book detailing the Petrie years (ideally by the man himself) would be great, but can’t see that happening until more time has passed, if it happens at all.
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