What Choons Yi Listening To?

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radge grandad radge
This takes me back. Bought tickets tae see Whitesnake, 3 years on the trot, and for 3 years my mates pulled out, so thIs year I bought 3 tickets and guess what??? All my pals are busy. Sooooo
Here I go again on my own



Maple Leaf Radge
Bit of a mellow Saturday afternoon in the warm September sun, sitting in the garden, cat purring, both local teams on the radio - losing of course. I'm picking this one for today. I was reminded of it by a 'favourite songs' type article of Keith Richards'. I find these influences and tastes of veterans in the industry such as him and Dylan really interesting.

Here it is, Aaron Neville and 'Tell It Like It Is'. What a voice...

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