We pumped the Huns!!!

November Goal: Β£70.00
Donations so far: Β£30.00


Legendary Radge
Just got back to my mum's and had my tea.Was a gid day,we did indeed pump them, first half could easily have been 4 or more,but we let them score a soft goal.It was kind of hard to see exactly how we did ,because we were behind their goal and it was off in the distance. Thought we were immense,Hanlon take a bow. Campbell was very good;. but MOTM has to go to Boyle.
I want to see it on Zitelli,hope it's on Sportscene the night because the other game wasnae yesterday.Only one thing;, in my exuberance I've done something to my pinkie. Looking well distorted and throbbing like a throbby thing. I'm going to go to A&E the morn, give the alcohol a chance to wear off.
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