Vaccine on its own thread.

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Coffee Shop Radge
I was well off-colour the next day (Sunday) probs worsened by a few beers to celebrate the evening after.

Only back to normal in the heid (jist dinnae :9: ) today really. Upper jab arm still touchy today.

Roll on mid-July for prik2.


Well-Known Radge
Seems like a load of 45-49 year olds, including my Mrs, got blue envelopes today. She got Gorebridge which is a bit of a trek from sunny west Lothian but she called up and got switched to the Gyle on Saturday. I called up and got told I'm no on the list. Marvellous.
I still hadn't heard anything so just rang them back. Turns out I have an appointment at the Pyramids on 12 May.
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