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That element of the US society that stormed the Capitol, have always been there. It's only become more apparent and mainstream because it has found a leader in Trump, who talks the same rhetoric of hate and is able to whip them into a demented frenzy whenever it suits him to do so.
The Rev Ian Paisley was able to use loyalist mobs in the same way in the North of Ireland, and the parallels between that situation and what is happening in US are very sharp: intolerant, self righteous, flag waving mobs, many with God on their side, prepared to use violence to "defend" what they consider their birthrights, and which they have been whipped up to believe are under attack.
The only thing I can say about loyalism in the Irish scenario, is that it had a narrower view of who the enemy was supposed to be. The US crew see threats from just about every quarter: Jews, commies, democrats, people of colour..... You name it!
I bet Buffalo Man will be sick looking at horns by the time he's finished his sentence in the Pen
Fantastic analogy with the situation with Paisley. I vividly remember a broadcast one night when he did a rally introducing some sort of new loyalist people’s force. Think he even had the same black jacket and leather gloves on that Trump did the other day.