Unpopular Opinions


Atlanta Hibs Radge
Barry Manilow is in fact barry.
Bowie's Glass Spider Tour was wunderbar.
Paul McCartney is a bit of a wankpot.
Tarantino movies are pretty much shite.


Just A Radge
Thinking that Trump does what he said he would do!

Then this pandemic happens.

There is a few right wing governments in at the moment.


Anyone that doesnt believe.

9/11 = inside job
Destabalising middle east = its a plan
JFK Assasination= inside job.
Dianas death = Inside job.
Hitler died in Berlin= He died in Argentina!

Covid 19.....Biggest inside job!

We are pushed into false narratives by the government run media(look up ("Operation Mockingbird")fucking crazy.

We still dont know where Covid 19 came from..come on. Lol

Though nowhere near as bad as you are told.
Its currently the 8th worse disease officially recognised in the UK.
Meaning even the flu is more dangerous!

Its all about controlling and obedience for the nexy phase.

If we really wanted to know.....you would know! ;)