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Well I’ve binged Billions and am up to date with it, thoroughly enjoyed it! Succession was recommended by a few here, but I can’t find it?


radge grandad radge
Fauda Series 3 just dropped into Netflix last week. About Israeli Defence Force infiltrating Palestinian areas attempting to get intelligence/bump off folk etc. Some flaws with it, but it’s brought a Palestinian narrative to an audience that (as far as I know) hasn’t been done before. Worth a punt

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Had tae go back a few pages tae find this. I remembered somebody talking about Fauda. Just finished series 1and 2 excellent tv.


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Ahh thought there was a fifth season. It’s excellent though innit? 👍
A return to form after, in my opinion, a poor season with Ewan McGregor. I love the fact you have no idea what's going to happen in the Fargo stories. The psycho nurse in season 4 was a great watch.


Shameless Radge
Dunno if anyone watched War of the Worlds when it was on FX but noticed the 2nd series is on Disney+ and probably Firesticks


I am still watching Designated Survivor, is it just me or does it start being a bit of a mental watch half way through series 2?
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