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Coffee Shop Radge
On series 2 of The Expanse. Sometimes I have a sudden flash of insight and know what's going on. That usually passes quite quickly and we get back to the usual semi-bewilderment I so love.

Has some nasty, gruelling injuries and accidents too which test my lookaway reflexes, like do you really want to watch the dentist whack in the needle as you stare? :radge::electric-shock:

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Mad Hibees Radge
Started watching Power, pretty decent.

Enjoying Mythic Quest, looking forward to season 2 of Ted Lasso.

Subscribed to espn+. 30 for 30 is magnificent
I have Amazon Prime however rarely watch. Did a lot of Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire on Sky Atlantic second time round though having already had seen, because they were both great.

My favourite, which I saw first time round some 20 years ago, up until the last eposode 10 years ago is Law And Order - Criminal Intent which is beinig shown again in the UK on 5USA for weeks now. No problem starting late, sometimes at 10 or 11, I have seen myself up to 3. Fuck it I'm retired, what's the rush.
The main characters Robert Goren, who is possibly on the spectrum and Alexandra Eames his amigo are played by the utterly splendid Vincent D'Onofrio, Wiki him, and Kathryn Elsbeth Erbe .

Also a big fan of Law and Order which I watch on 5USA. Sam Waterson plays a brilliant prosecutor as most will know.

As an aside Law and Order UK, which I had watched first time round, however was shown over this past period on ITV3, with Bradley Walsh Jamie Bamber ,Freema Agyeman and Bill Paterson. A big shout out to Walsh who was brilliant.

Law and Order may be the only American series that has ever went to from the USA to Britain.

Without any Googling. I can think of transformed versions from UK to US, Till Death Us Do Part, Steptoe and Son, recently Shameless, X has Talent, the Voice etc. Simon keep yer hand off yer very wealthy cock.

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