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Well-Known Radge
Finished Deutschland 86 and 89 last night. Great TV.
About halfway through 89, enjoying it.

86 was good but the best was 83 I think.

On to the latest series of Suburra - really enjoyed the first two series.

Also quite liking The Flight Attendant - bit silly though.


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
I've just got in to Ozark after one of my pals recommended it to me. It's not all action by any means and although I'm only 4 episodes in, it's worth watching.


Top radge
Finished Vikings recently.

Thought there were some good characters and a handful of great battle scenes.
Historically confused, but decent.


Just A Radge
Dare I admit this but found myself watching lots and lots of Friends recently on Comedy Central. Never really into it when originally shown but really into it now 😳


Red Rose Radge
Found Deutschland 86 and Deutschland 89 on More 4 on Cooncil Telly so going to watch them as I enjoyed Deutschland 83 a couple of years back.
Excellent stuff.
There is another very good Cold War Berlin series on a similar idea, The Same Sky - it might be on More 4. About an East German Romeo Agent.
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