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Green juventine

Well-Known Radge
... and nobody died!
Not yet my friend but this is the reason we all use alias on this site lest the dark one who lives by the moat seizes our given name and does thereafter do Satanic things with cocktail sticks,scrabble board and chicken nuggets .
?Don’t fear the reaper??
?who’s next⚰️
Even Denis Nielson wouldnae come in for a coffee. ?

Chuck Rhoades

Since 1875
Snowpiercer on Netflix. Finished season one yesterday. Some popular cast from the likes of The Walking Dead / Game of Thrones. Two seasons available now.


get off yer bum an sing radge
Been watching so many box sets lately. Latest may not be to everyone's taste ass it is mills n boon meets human tragedy. But Firelfly lane has a good story of life running through it and for an American series has some amount of cracking British tunes from various decades
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