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Tv series


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Finished Ozark last night. Good ending to S3 but that annoying cnut of a brother arriving late into the series wasn’t the best.

Deutschland 83 is the next new one to be started and will continue with Power S4 and Money Heist S3. Fukn love lockdown ?


Fauda Series 3 just dropped into Netflix last week. About Israeli Defence Force infiltrating Palestinian areas attempting to get intelligence/bump off folk etc. Some flaws with it, but it’s brought a Palestinian narrative to an audience that (as far as I know) hasn’t been done before. Worth a punt

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I liked the first two series of this and have enjoyed the third as well. You're right about the flaws - like quite often characters seem to do completely nonsensical things just to set up the next big set piece - but it's definitely exciting.


Won't be up everyone's street but I've been enjoying the escapism of Community all over again on Netflix. Semi-surreal sitcom about a group of mainly mature students at a community college, I've probably mentioned it before, people who like stuff like Brooklyn 99 will maybe enjoy it.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
Finished save me season 1, found it a really hard watch because of the subject matter. Some great characters, but some pointless ones too.
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