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Tv series

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
I caught up last night night, good eh?

My next series to watch (when I can find the time).

Yes - some of the recent seasons make me think its ran its course, but I fair enjoyed that one. Last season, so I dare say the producer wants to go out with a bang.

Braehead Cabbage

Baldy radge
The Stranger was enjoyable,started watching Safe which seems good so far.
I realise I'm years behind but Inside no 9 is one of the best things I've seen


Mussel-bound Radge
I've watched all of them( up to and including series 5).
Series 6 started here last Friday, so looking forward to it.
Probably binge on it .
Enjoying Season 6, two episodes to go. Need the subtitles on, though ... just to work out all those fecking acronyms American cops use ?


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Finished S3 of Power.
On Ozark S2
Finished Money Heist S2.
Enjoying them all. Netflix is full of it ?

The Nest fizzled out a bit for me but decent enough.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
The nest on BBC is worth a watch

I enjoyed it. Apart from the cover of Love will tear us apart. It must be the most murdered song in history.

I did think the final episode was much slower paced than the first four. A lot of locations I recognized, the ferry terminal in Gourock and the sheriff court in paisley.

Homeland has been good this season, much better than some of the previous meandering seasons.

Picard was great and bizarre in equal measures.

I've restarted watching blakes 7 from the start. Its weird watching stuff from 40 years ago. I suppose it would have been like watching stuff from the 1940s in 1980. I want to put orac sounds on my phone now.

I cant convince my wife to watch Killing Eve 3, so I may do that on my own.

Has anyone seen Save Me or Save Me Too? I think that might be next on my list.
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