Tory corruption

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Well-Known Radge
If it was just simply about one rather hopeless Tory minister....

It's endemic and they still go up in the polls. What a country
More than likely. Its just always puzzled me, you would like to think there were some politicians who are fit for certain sectors, but no, its like a merry go round
Unless it's the DUP, in which case it's Snakes and Ladders. Less right wing Unionist, woosh doon the snake, at the toss of the dice, mair right wing Unionist, bingo up the ladder, a throw of the dice, awe sorry, doon the snake.....hold on its your turn Sir Jeffrey Donaldson......well done right up the big ladder, despite being a snake.



Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Does that mean he will resign?

More likely the next Prime Minister!

Loads of the current Cabinet have broken the law while in office and many of them the Ministerial Code. I posted here not so long ago a complete list. I saw the paper that covered it updated a few days ago. I'll post again if I can find it.
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