Tory corruption

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Skivin cooncil Radge
Political history is littered with sleaze and corruption, and not only by the tories, though the Johnson cabal would appear to be reaching new highs.
The Cummings scandal,Patel breaking the ministerial code, Hancock giving PPE contracts to his mucker, Jenrick's unlawful approval of the Westferry housing development, Johnson( too many to list!), and now Cameron.
Political scandals come along every so often but these cun*s are turning it into an art form.
A decent opposition would be tearing this apart, but Starmer is as much a part of the establishment as any other 'Sir'.
Sir Ed Davey?
Scotland should have left this behind years ago.


New radge
Yeah get the Eye on sub- a lot of it is ex public schoolboy outlook and their treatment o Corbyn was disgraceful but they DO publish stuff no one else wil touch


Skivin cooncil Radge
The Cameron lobbying 'affair' is throwing up all kinds of brown stuff.
I expect Johnson to throw Cameron under the bus. It's the Tory way.
But you never know, it may be the beginnings of something that this most corrupt government cannot lie it's way through.
Maybe a vulture or two circling?
Lovely birds.

emerald green

Well-Known Radge
For what it's worth I don't really like the way you've been called out, it's a recipe for an echo chamber.

On the flip side I honestly cannot get my head round how anyone can vote for that mob.
fair play rocky...but i have yet to see, for example if he would kindly get around to letting everyone know why he supports this Political Party, rather then being on the wind up. Hes never says a thing about why, or tried in any way to change anyones opinion, rather than just being contrary at best, and a twat troll at worst.

Every bouncer here respects peoples opinions.... but people throwing handgrenades around to be a dick winnae wash long on this site


Well-Known Radge
Playground politics stuff but entertaining to see them starting to eat one another nonetheless



Thread starter
About time Johnsons lies and corruption were brought to the fore.
Nothing short of a sacking surely!!


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge

The gist is something I was thinking about today.

The torys will give Boris Prince of Thieves the boot and replace him the Gove the Sash of Jacob Rees Smug and the sleazy bastards will carry on regardless till a year away from the next GE when lo and behold some 'nice' person gets the leadership and they're in again.

The PM is rancid with sleaze, the cabinet is rancid with sleaze, the whole tory government is rancid with sleaze.

We need a revolution but there's no danger of that. Fuck it, their ratings continue to climb in England!

Only independence will clear us of guilt by association.

Doc Shrink

Curmudgeon Radge
Boris is a *&*^.

It’s becoming painfully obvious that he’s a *&*^, even to the thick Tory *&*^ that thought he was a good *&*^.
When the fuck will the ‘men in grey suits’ dump the *&*^ and get the next crooked *&*^ in?


Legendary Radge
Tell you what whether or not they get rid of Boris.With Arlene Foster going and them getting trounced in Scotland, the Tories are about to head into choppy waters.


Skivin cooncil Radge
Its rather strange that for all the failures of his tenure, the unnecessary Covid deaths, the T& T mess, cronyism, PPE, 'Bodies piled high' gaffe, and innumerable other blunders costing the UK taxpayer billions , it's probably going to be a paltry 60k refurbishment that will see him go.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Tell you what whether or not they get rid of Boris.With Arlene Foster going and them getting trounced in Scotland, the Tories are about to head into choppy waters.
If only that were true.

They're getting a hard time in the devolved nations but I saw a survey in the last few days where they again increased their share of the vote. I mean, what the actual fuck!

Nobody has actually called it bribery yet, as far as I know, but it has been pointed out by others the tory sleaze balls are rewarding their new former Labour constituencies with 'leveling up' status worth many millions of pounds in local investment while neglecting more needy areas.

There's also a degree of gerrymandering going on which will see the tory bastards cement representation in previously swing seats.
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