The winter transfer window.....


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Fair enough, I took that from the Arsenal blog online. Looks like a big old unit and as has been said, his deal with Arsenal is up in the summer so it could turn out to be permanent either way. The Daily retard seems to think it's permanent and he has ended his Arsenal contract early. Time will tell.

Might still be the case?

Sounds like he's leaving Arsenal before signing for us.
Probably can't give him much in the way of wages this season, so a short term deal to be negotiated in the summer or a extension already in place


Does anyone have any idea about Rocky? I read he has a long term injury but don’t know if its just rumours?


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Jack Ross saying he hopes to add 1 or 2 more. Any additions further to that would require departures.

Chris Cadden and a centre half would be good. I think we lack physically in midfield and we really need a poacher up front, but trying to make five good signings in January isn’t easy.

If we don't bring in a centre back I'll be very disappointed.


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I am not sure JR will see CB as a priority tbh. I might be wrong but I think he will show faith in a defence which has had very good spells this season and clearly some bad ones.

I agree Paul Hanlon was poor for goals at Ibrox then Livingston but almost all of the team have been poor recently and I think it is unfair to single out Paul. The defence definitely needs a revamp but I think this will come after the season ends. Lewis is nearing the end of his career and young Ryan just needs to improve his concentration and ignore the hype about his undoubted potential.

The midfield is a dilemma for me, lack of creativity and lacking in bite at times. This is baffling as we have some fantastic football players and Gogic was a revelation with his tackling and ball winning ability earlier this season.

I think the main reason for the dip in form is for several reasons but the main one for me is JR doesn’t know his best team and often seems to set up wrongly without recognising the opposition strengths or formation. Couple this to the players seem to lack confidence ( or a positive attitude) and it is always going to be difficult.

I would love a couple of solid signings but given the current financial climate, my expectations are fairly low. I hate criticising Hibs players but I would be happy to see Drey Wright go and free up a wage, it just hasn’t worked out for him so far, and he has had plenty chances.
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Centre half is apparently a priority according to Moira Gordon. Have the feeling though, that Hanlon and Porteous will still be first two picks. Too many years of some players being untouchable mainly down to the replacements not being a high enough standard.

Time to get ruthless as we’ve had too many on the payroll for recent years that aren’t contributing to us pushing for top 3.

If this isn’t addressed in January then we need to have it done this summer. The joint 5 year Scottish cup and 20 year skol cup anniversary (money spinning) club event in the summer will be a good time to say farewell to some heroes.


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Good point that, if we sign from other Scottish clubs they likely won’t be eligible for the semi final.

We should use the classic old firm tactic and sign Jason Kerr from St. Johnstone - can’t play for either team in the semi, but strengthens us in the league.

He is the obvious choice, much as I like Gallagher, he is pushing for a move to Celtc.
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He is the obvious choice, much as I like Gallagher, he is pushing for a move to Celtc.

Aye he’d be a great signing for us. Seems Gallagher fancies a big pay day, can’t blame him at the age of 30.

Kerr is a good age in terms of bringing experience but still having plenty time to develop.