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A few years ago Willie Miller our Scottish League Cup winning legend was at a family party as he's a family friend. I got talking to him about these wonderful years 1991-1995. Great chats. However, I slagged off Alex Miller a wee bit and nope he wasn't having it. Looking back I think that team underachieved.
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I agree his record in derbies was poor, and I will not even attempt at trying to defend it. What I would say however is that two factors have to be taken into account. (One) Hearts just had a better team than Hibs for the majority of the time between 1986 and 1996, and (Two) they had John Robertson.

In the early 90's...between say 1991 and 1994..things were much more even between the two teams and arguably Hibs had the better team during those three years. It helped that Miller was given some decent money to spend after the Farmer takeover. This was reflected in much improved derby results for us during that period. From 1995 onwards till 1999 Hearts again regained the upper hand, I would say that Miller's last two years at Hibs (1995 and 1996) were severely hampered by the massive costs of building the Famous Five Stand and the South Stand.

I agree he stayed far too long as manager. This would never happen now.

RE Robertson; We had no striker even near him in terms of goalscoring ability. In many derbies during Miller's time Hibs had the better of the game, or it was fairly even. Robertson made the difference invariably either scoring the goal or goals that won Hearts the game or saving them from defeat. He is their all time top goalscorer, and a we all know, he specialised in goals in derby matches.
Am not praising him. Lucky wee barsteward imo. Couldnae hack it down south. Scored off his arse, hit of him and in, scuffed goals... aye in the right place at the right time..... which invariable was the 6yard line. Him, and those gunt teams of the time were very very lucky in derbies... and as alluded to by Miller on vast sums of money compared to the Hibernian teams he had. The perverts also had the luck to dominate in the ludicrous 4x per seasn we have now. We would have racked up twice the derby wins we did in the 70's.

I disagree they had the betterv team for the vast majority. Whether you like or not they had carthorses all over - kenny black? shite. Medals mckay? (the rascist bastard) shite. Neil pointon? Shite henry (drop the ball) smith? shite neil berry? shite hugh burns? shite mike galloway? shite walter feckin kid? shite jimmy sandison? shite brian whittaker? shite ian jardine? shite scott crabbe? shite wayne foster? shite... I could go on and on, but even mentioning these wankers is a stain on the bounce.

They were lucky lucky bastards in the vast majority of their wins versus us. The amount of draws they scrapped from the jaws of defeat beggars belief!

Fucking perverts.
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