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The Bounce these Days

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Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
I think people are more comfortable using social media, and there's now so much more of them.

I think you get a bit more intelligent chat on the bounces, and varying opinions....I like that, I think you learn much more from someone that doesnt share your opinion.

I often see on twitter people who are surrounded by people just like them reading a timeline of the same thing over and over. It's an echo chamber, it's not real. But hey if it works for them crack on.
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Well-Known Radge
I am a relative newbie on the Bounce and have always enjoyed the chat.
I go through spells when I post regularly or not but I visit the site most days at least once or twice.
I often wonder if some bouncers are as torn faced as their posts often suggest 😉
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Well-Known Radge
When I first joined the bounce (at the age of 14 😬) it seemed like jambos would always be posting here on the wind up, thankfully that's subsided over time. Seem to remember folk getting "bounced out" a lot more often but I suppose that was because there were more users in general


Legendary Radge
I use Twitter, I use Facebook, but I find the level they have on Hibs related stuff was just poor. I think I lasted a day on .Net, my username was Kollontai maybe I'm not banned? I use this place just about every day because I think I can say things on here that I may not say in real life. I'm actually quite shy. For my sins I was actually banned here, I had to do a lot of brown nosing to get back on. It was actually over supporting Tommy Sheridan, I can't believe I'd get that het up about supporting that arse, pity I couldn't see it at the time. Anyway I made a few friends on here from the social side. I've tried to flounce off a few times, but it usually only lasts for about two days. I'm addicted to the place.


What is it with the young team on twitter constantly attacking the “HIBS da’s” as they say. Especially on twitter, little fannies all band together. Wee fuds


Well-Known Radge
I was here in the early days along with Hibs Net. I look a both every day for gossip and stuff. I love the 'Just Backs'. But I think a number of things have changed. The growth of a range of immediate social media apps has really had an impact. I remember when Facebook was everywhere. Does anyone under 40 use it? I think another thing is how hard it is to keep up the energy required. The explosion that was the early Bounce wasn't sustainable. But it was fun. And kudos to all of you who put the work in. It's not done yet.
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