The All New Joke Thread

Doc Shrink

Retired Radge
So. a bit before lockdown I’m in the pub telling my mate the old joke (older than Billy’s jokes)
‘what do you do if an epileptic is having a fit in the bath? Chuck your washing in’ .....

Not only old but probably not that acceptable these days.

Anyway, a guy at the next table leans over and says ‘my bruv was an epileptic and he had a fit in the bath, and he died’.

I wanted the ground to open up. Mortified.

“I’m so sorry mate, did he drown” I said with a bit of a ridder.

“Nah. Choked on a sock”


Just A Radge
" Just remember not to panic in that pro shop. But if you do, get a grip! "
" Yes - that's you to a tee. "
" That's all just par for the course with me... "
" At least you got some irons in the fire... so don't get shafted.... "

The Fore worst puns ever?
Oh, hey - these are hard to pin down!
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