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Legendary Radge
How? Do you feel that it put you there? (prob obvious as youve mentioned it!)_
I was psychotic or scitzophrenic if you like. At the time I was buying a packet of fags,making them all into joints then smoking them in a day.I went from being a wee bit paranoid,to full on paranoid to losing the plot including hallucinating.I chucked them when I was inside and left about 6 months later,but it took me about 4 years to get back to what I'd term 'normal'.Ok I think I'm suseptable to mental instability in any case ,but since I chucked them I've been able to function as a stable person.Ok I was drinking heavily too which wouldn't have helped.
I have decided to go full swami and offer a nugget of true insight cruelly denied to all you who have no notion of the cannabis buds.

Thinking back ro growing up with the Burdiehoose tongue, and like, liking lingo stuff in general, it occurred to me in a heightened state of thc temerity that we say: "Ah hink that's right/shite/whatever."

So hink instead of think.
Fair enough, the cockneys go for f instead, no accounting for taste etc.

But do we in Embra folli through for the whole verb? Nope, we shite out of it in the 'simple past' tense (or perfect tense, as some may remember it).

So, spelling it out, nae cùnt says 'ah hot he was wrong', dae they?

Jist normal dullsville 'I thought'.

Thood hor fought ,eh?

I was at a conference many years ago and the heid of the Glesgie police drug squad was talking about why the Scots were so fucked up with their weed.

Folk like @HaarlemShuffler get the best stuff, the pick of the plant, pure goodness. They then export the rest of the plant to the UK where it arrives in the south east of England and they take the next best bits for themselves (seems a theme throughout life) and what's left starts travelling north. By the time it reaches Scotland all that's left is the stalk and compost and that's what the Glesgie neds smoke!
Your copper pal was talking shite.
The head of the drugs squad will have stolen more quality dope off punters than you can get in Haarlem.

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