Sticky’s v Dodgers


get off yer bum an sing radge
They both disgust me.
Followed by wankers whose whole life is set out for them from birth:

religion - football - politics and even as far as having pre identified second teams in other countries and a love or hate for Israel or Palestine. Lapdogs who can’t think for themselves.

Our recent history with the Huns means there’s a lot more hatred understandably but the downside is the other mob think there’s some sort of affinity there and are more patronising than ever.

They’ve also got this “more than a club” pish going on like the cuddly toys of armchair footy fans Barca and Dortmund. Desperate to distance themselves from their partner organisation - Huns, Real and Bayern when reality is there’s little difference. Corporate hoors, gloryhunter followers the world over and pillage other clubs players with the cheque book approach.

Take care x
And yet if Edward Hannon had not found God/religion there would be no Hi-bees


Just A Radge
Completely forgot they were playing today.
Glad Hundogs won. Hope that they win against Livingston and go into their last game with.... we are the people, there's no team like.....gonnae be unbeaten in the League mentality.

True and maybe Celtic will be disheartened and go into the final game of the season with little motivation.
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