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Bounce Radge
What you all thinking for the game against the huns on Sunday folks. I liked the line up v St Mirren but obviously Huns will be a much tougher test. I don't think we should play Doidge up top on his own as it won't work. He needs a partner to be effective. What you all think.

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Bounce Radge
Whatever happens we have to match up with them in midfield. Ross will have to change his preferred 4-4-2 for this game as we cannot allow the huns to control the game from the middle of the park. 3-5-2 would be the likely option with Hibs using two wing-backs and three in the middle, however that could leave us open down the flanks where they have real quality. Who would be a manager ?


Bounce Radge
I'd like to see us start with a positive shape but the fact of the matter is we are facing off against a better team. They create alot of chances and are now converting these into goals. JR has his work cut out but we'll have been scouting every team since the start of the season to identify weaknesses. I hope we have a proper game plan and we are not just there to sit in.


Bounce Radge
I think I’d put Allan in from the start.He just needs to make one killer pass and we open them up.Sadly I think Newell would probably have to give way.

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Newell has the best delivery from set pieces in our squad though. Second to Allan for assists last season.


Bounce Radge
I like how the current back four can easily mould into a 3 (McGinn, Porteous and Hanlon). Doig looks just as comfortable at left wing as he does left back.

We're more effective with two up front. Doidge and Nisbet is a great combination.

We don't always get as much as we should from Boyle at right wing (however he had a big part to play in putting in McGinn from there and assisting for Newell at the weekend). We need to ensure he has a big say in the game wherever he is played.

It might be tempting to add Hallberg, in beside Gogic and Newell, to stamp authority on the game.

Allan is as much a matchwinner than anyone else in both squads and will be a consideration if we can find the right balance.

Wright could be useful in this fixture.

Stevenson's strength, commitment and experience might be a thought.

I'd probably start off 3-5-2, with a fluid system that can go 4-4-2 if need be. The focus needs to be on what we want to do and not so much what they can do. This fixture will be different to Kilmarnock, Motherwell and Aberdėen that Huns won't come to stifle and strangle a result from us, they'll want to play and that very much suits us (as shown by away games so far this season).


Top radge
I think I’d put Allan in from the start.He just needs to make one killer pass and we open them up.Sadly I think Newell would probably have to give way.

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We need players who will get in amongst the game and make life hard for them.
Allan hasn't beaten a man or made any of his plays yet this season.
One killer pass won't be enough either. Need 2 or 3 goals to put them away this season i think.

We need players to be involved in every phase of the game, Allan just isn't that guy.

I dont want to see us switch to a back 5 either, it doesn't benefit us, we'll just be defending the whole game doing so.
If we play 5 anywhere its across the middle of the park, with fullbacks to support the width, not providing.

But that would involve Doidge going it alone up front.
But he works too hard to be a solo forward, he needs someone there.

433 it is then 💪 get at these Hunco fux


Bounce Radge
Hate to say this but every Huns teams I've seen at Easter Road for past few years has been pretty slick. Will come to steel after but the way to score against this lot is with football. Put Scott Allan 'in the hole' behind Doidge and Nisbet up front. Might only be for part of the game but think we'll need to score to get anything out of it. Boyler must play but at right wing back and someone needs to play infront of Doig on the other side. Surely 4 at the back will work, think they'll be under quite a bit of pressure all game. Set 'terrier' Gogic off against 'em in midfield. S'ppose it's stating the bleedin obvious but if we play sh*t we'll lose. Huns have a few injuries but also have a strong bench. Also we mustn't be bullied by this lot no matter what their price tags.
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Bounce Radge
We're now hard to score against, so are they,but they'll have more possession and will create more chances than we will.If they can't score from open play,corner or free kick, their activity in the box will increase their chances of a referee giving them a penalty.I hope I'm wrong, but I think the best we can hope for is a scoreless draw.
Newell was impressive against St Mirren, and, for that reason, I'd give him the start over Allan, but he's not going to get it just as easy against der Hun, and it's not going to make a lot of difference, imo, as I think we'll get overrun in the midfield.

Hibee Kev

Bounce Radge
Go 3-5-2 and swap Murphy for Allan. You get far more from Scotty than you do from someone like Hallberg, hope for a decent 45 mins or so from him and then swap for Mallan or Hallberg (depending on how the game is going).

Two Headed Boy

Bounce Radge
Same team as against St Mirren but with Mallan for Murphy. Powerful long range shots seem more appealing than the pretty Scott Allan stuff against the Hun.


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Bounce Radge
I’d play 5-3-2 but we’re one midfielder short still. Someone to play alongside Gogic and Newell to offer a bit of drive going forward but who would also get right in the faces of those horrible Huns when they have the ball 💪.

Murphy being unable to play isn’t such a bad thing as Ross wouldn’t play usual 442 with two wingers in this one.

Doig and Boyle to provide the width as wing backs and McGinn on right of a 3 man central defence can cover when Boyle takes it to the c@ntz.

Hibs have a chance based on current tight defence and counter attacking ability but a slim chance for me and I reckon we’ll lose by 2 clear goals as Huns spending and multiple signings each window is starting to pay off.

Don’t be upset 😢

Green Sleeves

Bounce Radge
Pick 11 guys ready to bleed for the cause.

Take no prisoners, leave no hun legs unraked by studs.

Make it a battleground even if it means playing dirty ugly football.

Wouldnt mind too much if we lost if it meant they went off scarred, bruised, injured with Slippy hating us.

I'm embracing anti-football just for this match.

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