Match Updates!: St Mirren 0 v 3 Hibs PPV


Bounce Radge
Good balance so far in midfeild which is better to see, Gogic and Newell doing great together.


Bounce Radge
Us being a more defensively solid outfit sometimes affects how easy we are on the eye, but it’s quite reassuring when we have a lead.


radge grandad radge
Bounce Radge
Watched it...sometimes.. on IPTV ....get it sorted Jamon!😂😂😂
fuxkn ace btw, could nae watch it fir any mare than 5 seconds at a time, wisnae givin a fuck as long as it stayed
V nil. Seriously, a great result, nae *&*^ complaining aboot negative tactics tonight.? Personally think Jack will have a play for each team, he kent aboot saints, knew how they wid try and play and played accordingl. Expect totally different next week. Kick on Jack Ross👍🇳🇬
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