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Dundee United have been pretty average this season. For me with their front pairing they've underachieved. Seems they did well up at Aberdeen but they're awful. I hope St Mirren take care of St Johnstone. And if we turn up v Dundee United then I'm very confident.


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Need to watch their front 3 but don't think they're particularly good in defence or midfield - big keeper is good though hopefully still injured! Either that someone stand on his hand early doors


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Watched all of the quarter finals, United were the best of the qualifiers, followed by us I think. BUT... they looked pish at the back, with our front guys we could get a few against them (but we need to tighten up to stop them doing it to us too!)


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"Ehberdeen" tried a new defensive system which went disastrously wrong so I am not buying into this myth of the "second coming" of Dundee Utd.🤔.

The team should just about pick itself but I do wonder if Jack Ross has boxed himself into a corner with his comments about Macey playing in cup games.😥

Shouldn't we be playing our best goalkeeper which is Rocky.❓

Similiarly in midfield Jack Ross will be a tempted to give his big signing Magennis yet another shot when he should be going with Halberg.🤔

Hopefully as well the manager looks at his own performance in previous huge games where he doesn't seem to think straight and match opposition changes late in the game.🤔

This isn't meant to be an anti Jack Ross rant as match preparation is exemplorary and league position shows he has proved himself many times this season.✅

So often though on the big occasion many managers want to make the look at me cos I'm making the "big man call".🤔

Duff Jimmy playing GBH ( then sent off) in midfield in the 1st leg Airdrie relegation play off or Yogi not bothering to start Stoksey or Deeks v Maribor and playing Nishy instead or Mowbrays semi final sub's v Dundee Utd which disrupted the defence pre the Jason Scotland goal.

Keep it simple, play our best team, prepare with intensity, don't mess about with formations and keep a similar shape to the rest of the season and the odds are we will win as we are a stronger team than Utd.✅
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