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New radge
Renewed mine last night. Easy new log-in used, only problem was confirmation email went to Spam folder. Anyone missing confirmation definitely check there? πŸ€”πŸ‘πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬


Hibs Radge
Ive still not had 1. Bought mines about 10 days ago

If you login to your eticketing account and find your ST purchase in your history, should be a re-send email button, if you hit that you might find the DD info in the email you get back. I was the same as you no DD info on the original email but it's there now


New radge
After three years without a season ticket, brilliant to get one again. I’m encouraged by how it’s going down here (live in England) and confident Scotland will follow suit sooner rather than later. May be optimistic to think of a full, or near full, ER yet but we should see fans return for the new season in some capacity (keep seeing the rumoured figure about 25% of capacity)


New radge
That's my two season tickets renewed today.
Had problems trying to do it online, so emailed the club and they got it sorted out pronto.
Hoping to get back in August/September.
Anyone else had trouble with eticketing? I got there when I brought my season ticket last week but had to keep tapping on the blue dot for the seat over and over again then a couple of times when I went through the direct debit section and reached the end, it said timed out and had to go back again. Persevered though 😁
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