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November Goal: £70.00
Donations so far: £30.00


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
An arrangement fee? Huuuuh. Its 35 quid.

So 420 and another 35

Guess I better pay the full whack
That’s the option I chose expecting it to be the same no extra cost as last year and I’d read before starting on here that the 12 month option had a cost but shorter terms did not.

Got to the end and was no choice other than give us your card details for the fee....

Wasn’t very clear but I think the 2nd of three options would be to pay in instalments rather than the third option which was the finance plan via V12 with associated costs.

Will need a few emails or phone calls to sort mine out I think. I already got timed out first time round at the end of the application after putting in all address and work history when I wasn’t exactly slow in typing.

I’ll blame Drey Wright and Magennis for this shitshow.


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Two of my mates have renewed, one kept the same seat the other switched, both said it was easy enough.

I’m having a nightmare with this new account thing, it’s not synced to my old one so I’m waiting on the ticket office getting back to me.
I'm in the same boat, can't reconcile my old client ref number and my new SSO account. Have emailled the ticket office and hopefully it's a straightforward fix. Ironically I work with SSO systems for the "day job"!
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So they have scrapped the interest free 10 month plan, I suspect that will lose a fair few customers? As one of my sons leaves Uni in the summer, I will probably just buy one less season ticket and take it over 6 months.

They give with one hand, as per metallic bands, which I disagree with in principle, so called perks. and take with the other. Folk on here will still remember when the perks for our colour coding......Green, green and green, entitling anyone with a Season Ticket, entry to all home Reserve, Scottish and League Cup games, I am a Senior who pays for family members tickets, for years now. Bit of a blow that. Have to consider options closely. Bad move by Hibs.



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Just renewed using direct debit option but still can’t see confirmation regarding how many payments and date payment will be taken. Does this follow by email after?


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Was that by taking the “direct debit” option? Instalment plan only seems to offer me 10 month option with arrangement fee?

I got it on the direct debit bit mate aye.

First payment is 28th May, and then the 28th every month after.
Always just before payday with these things!


Well-Known Radge
I got it on the direct debit bit mate aye.

First payment is 28th May, and then the 28th every month after.
Always just before payday with these things!
Thanks for confirming. My confirmation email includes DD info but not the start date or frequency. I was concerned Hibs just took the full amount off my debit card in one go, I am reassured this won’t be the case now..... 👍🏻


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Can I just phone the ticket office, speak to Holly, Kat or Chole and pay in a one-er rather than face the website and so bypass old client reference, new client reference, payment plans, merged accounts and new SSO account.❓
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