Season tickets, Covid 19 and measures for social distancing at games


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Have viewed Hibs Bounce for many years with great interest, as well as a season ticket holder in FFU. I have never been compelled to"post" but in these challenging times I am grateful to be given the chance to air a ponder?
Thoughts please on how Hibs would manage S T and ticket sales if a degree of social isolation has to be introduced in next seasons matches? With say one fan seated per every 3/4 seats and staggered rows in front and behind.
A nightmare situation but one which we and other clubs may have to encompass in order to allow spectator games at ER to continue.
At least until a vaccine for the Covid19 is widely available!

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Hi Brian.

I sit a bit to the back of you.
I’ll wave at the next game. You’ll see me alright because there won’t be many of us there.

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Someone want to do the maths for this?

Hibs squad wages say 23 x 3k a man a week = 70k a week, home game every other week = 140k in wages to be covered by each home game.

If Hibs can only have 5000 fans a game = 5000 x 25 = £125k

I don't think the numbers in Scotland stack up, because we are so dependent on gate receipts.

If anyone wants to pick that apart feel free - it's just a starting point - it could be compensated for with live tv at say 10,000 paying £25 a game. Or 25,000 paying a tenner a game.

The problem with would be families off the top of my head - a family of four who go would only buy once to watch on the telly.

I don't see football returning for a year.


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As I have mentioned before I think the game in Scotland is to quote Neil Doncaster in "mortal danger". As has been said clubs in Scotland depend on gate money to pay the wages and the bills. It's different in the top leagues in England and other larger nations because they survive on TV money...we don't. Games behind closed doors are just not feasible in Scotland for a multitude of reasons. We urgently need to find an effective treatment for Covid-19 which means people are not ending up in hospital with it or dying. A vaccine will likely take years and we have not got years. If we don't find an effective treatment for this virus very soon which enables crowds to enter stadiums again then professional football in Scotland is finished in my opinion.
I know there has been much pish taking today of the jambos due to their now likely relegation, and the league reconstruction talks for next season have now been abandoned. However personally I don't think it really natters in the general scheme of things. I don't think we are going to see a season 2020/21 in Scotland and if that comes to pass there will be very few clubs left standing in this country by next Spring, and league reconstruction will have to take place anyway as we will basically have to start again in Scotland with whatever clubs have survived. I just hope Hibs are one of those clubs.