Scottish Cup Final - Celtc or Hearts?

Who do you fancy today?

  • Celtc

    Votes: 24 92.3%
  • Hearts

    Votes: 2 7.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Atlanta Hibs Radge
We had a right good chance. Still furious about the spams game. But typically Hibs.
We lose too many soft games.
Still fucking love em tho.
Get it right up ye Neilson, Naismith, Halliday, budge and that Plooky streak o piss. I fucking hate those gunt fucks.
Atlanta YLT
I’m having steak and a plush Pinot. Wrong thread but fuck it. Watching re runs of the penalties ?


radge grandad radge
Never noticed this yesterday but, the Gunts never applauded the Dodgers when they went up tae collect the cup. Ex Gretnas Davie Irons givin them stick for being disrespectful. Must be a Hun thing, cannae remember their full diet cousins daein it for us either. ?


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
Not one ounce of sportsmanship in that club. Budgey is overseeing a Gorgie nation fuelled by hatred of any cnut after constantly losing battles to avoid their rightful relegation. They're all delusional.

They’ll have all been in media training the full week pre final ready to blast the entire Scottish football had they won the trophy. As many comments as possible to be trotted out about being wronged with relegation.

That big Gordon guffy was only so devastated as he didn’t get the chance to say Celtc were proved wrong in letting him go.

It was a lovely ending and another cream pie delivered to their chops. Shame it wasn’t us a month earlier but we’re soft as fuk.
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