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Hamilton left back on our radar apparently.

I know he has been there a while but can't say I know too much abut him. The only player of theirs I remember standing out this year was Odoffin. :102:
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I love Lewis but he's getting on and we're going to need a succession plan. I'd love for Mackie to step up, I think he's shown plenty going forward in the past and looked decent all round in his cameos this season, but if Doig leaves I'd rather we had a spare third player than be caught short over a long campaign - particularly if we do end up in one of the European group stages (as daunting as the path now looks).


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I like Sean Mackie, but he has missed practically the whole season with a hip injury.
It must be serious to have been out for so long.
If Doig goes to England (which is ridiculous for a 19 year old who has only broken into the first team this season) then we will need a replacement sought if Mackie is not going to be fit enough to step up.
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