Scott Bain


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From his point of view, he might as well sit on their bench and win some silverware and make serious cash for 5 months when he is out of contract in the summer.. Hopefully we get him on a precontract and Celtic only want him as an emergency.


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Play him tomorrow - that way he’d have played for two clubs and can’t play for a third.

Sure it's about being registered.
Pretty sure loans can't be terminated by a parent club in Scottish football. :dunno:

Craig Gordon must have a pretty serious injury?


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Thieving bastards, some things never change.

No idea about Scottish football but the parent club in England can certainly terminate.


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It’s worded in the report that Hibs would have to agree to it

Aye we'd have to terminate because Dundee can't.
We're not getting a keeper anywhere near Bain standard on this short notice, evident by the fact Celtic obviously can't even do it. We can't allow this, was kinda looking forward to hearing we had agreed a precontract mid March, April.