Scotland v Israel

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My big concern about this encounter is that it is not the type of match that suits this Scotland team. Playing at Hampden in front of a capacity expectant crowd, in a match where we have to be on the front foot, create chances and score goals is not the strongest feature of Clarke's outfit. We are better at getting results away from home like in Serbia, Austria and Wembley for that matter.

Hope I am wrong, but I see this being a bit of a struggle for Scotland. We just have to try to find some way of winning what is a huge game.


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Shocking foul to give away by Hendry

Great free kick though.

Least now we need to attack, no time to play safe anymore.
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We’re ropey at the back, particularly to the long ball. Then again starting a match with one actual centre half is mental, and Hendry isn’t exactly the commanding type.

I kind of get the Tierney thing, but McTominay would be far more effective in midfield than Callum McGregor. That would have allowed space for a proper centre half to be in there.

Hibee Kev

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They’re at team that literally only has 2 or 3 good players, you’d think Clarke might have learnt something from the many times we’ve played them before 🙄 Actually make that 4 the RB, Biton, Zahavi and Rocky. Should still be beating them though…
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