Ross C v Hibs 1-0 FT

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Top radge
I missed the red
Happened there?

County are the worst finishing side I've ever seen, Daz let them through and skied the one vs one

We should be 3 down this last half hour


Coffee Shop Radge
Thread starter
well, that's another in the run of defeats. must admit i thought we mighr nick a 0-1 but no to be.

bit unlucky too as we put in quite a bit physically.

time for a bowl... but not of soup!

sad night but on we carry GGTTH!


Well-Known Radge
5 defeats in this league is terrible and it could very quickly turn into 6 and 7

We need to start getting results and fast

Terrible result tonight


Just A Radge
Boyle just got a red card after the whistle for saying something to the ref. That’ll be us without him and Doidge when we have a busy schedule, not ideal.


Well-Known Radge
Holy fuck Boyle sent off after the whistle. Christ knows where goals can come from in next two games


get off yer bum an sing radge
Boyle was stupid...but how come you can even get a red after the game? If a goal was scored after the game it would not count...
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