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Just A Radge
My wife’s favourite programme and last night Grant Stott was cast as Stevie long lost dad. Your no a jambo ? To his new found son. Just as well when Stevie answered naw. Grant also admitted to painting a jambo neighbours car green after our cup final. Worth a watch now as see if he can get Stevie to ER.


“My wife watches it”
“My mum watches it”

😂. Just admit the truth. I’m not ashamed to admit I watch it and very much enjoy it.

Good to see Hibs get a mention. 😀


Legendary Radge
Ali Tait's brother John has been in it.Can't remember what part he played.Gid Hibbie.I think Alex the baddie is meant to be a Hibbie?Not that I ever watch it.


Just A Radge
Jimmy that was married to Scarlet is a Hibby from niddrie but lives in Musselburgh no longer on the programe
I'm sure he drinks at the Toby carvery opposite mortonhall crematorium - sure i walked past him about 2 weeks ago!
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