Return of Efe....

Sir Shrink

Retired Radge
Efe was quality, and his ambling through games a joy.

However, that has to be tempered with the fact that he chose to bugger off, without even a club to go to.
Smacks a wee bit of Bryan Hamilton's 'I'd rather lick stamps' although I'm not sure if Phil was even playing for them in these days.

Enjoyed him when he was a Hibs man. Don't really give an Efe now.


And he's playing inside instead of his full back role.

Does anyone actually think Efe will be the same Efe?
I dont... a year and a half nearly without kicking a ball, at the back end of his career.

Theres a reason he didn't have a club.

Totally agree, there’s no doubt he’s a talented player but to go so long without playing a single game must take its’ toll.

Will also be interesting to see how a manger other than Lennon handles him - he struggled at Celtic after Lennon left, and clearly didn’t do enough to get a game for Derby.
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