Resurrecting Old threads No 1 - What team did/ does you Dad Support

What Team did/ does your Dad support?

  • Hibernian

    Votes: 36 65.5%
  • The Puddledrinkers

    Votes: 6 10.9%
  • Celtc

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • The Huns

    Votes: 1 1.8%
  • Another club, if so, who?

    Votes: 6 10.9%
  • No one

    Votes: 4 7.3%

  • Total voters


Thread starter
My auld fella was never really into fitbaw but would tend to support whichever east coast team were playing either of the arse cheeks.
Being from Fife and of a similar age he sorta knew Jim Baxter. (I think they both done their national service together). He never liked Baxter, said he was full of himself. In fairness, Baxter was probably entitled to be full of himself.
Did you know Jim Baxter was a Hibs fan as a kid?


Hibs Radge
Our dad was born and raised in Aberdeen and followed his local team, the first match I remember being at was Aberdeen v Motherwell. Memorable only for a bunch of scallywags running on at full time with a ball at the beach end and passing it between themselves before scoring at the other end. We would get taken to various Aberdeen games when we were younger, if trips to see our gran would coincide with home games we would go to Pittodrie. Bit awkward later on when Mickey Weir went on a solo run to score up there when I was sitting in the home end, i was trying to stand up while my uncle was trying to pull me back down in my seat.

He started taking us to ER in the late seventies, we dragged him to home end the day they won the Premier League which niggles me slighlty looking back.

One of my fondest memories is of him going nuts when John Hewitt scored the winner for them in the ECWC Final.

Mums from Middlesbrough, the last time time i was at one their matches was at Ayresome Park, Tony Mowbray scored for them that day.


Just A Radge
1875 is spot on.

Never doubted he was right. Thanks for the article, interesting stuff. Funny how that's no trumpeted by the papers when reminiscing over him.


Legendary Radge
My Dad was a Hibby. Born in Jane St, moved to Salamander St, then by the time of WW2 Albert St. Took me and my brother to the North Stand ;(my sister would be taken later in more enlightened times) in 1969 to see a pre season friendly against Newcastle. Then it was the Dunbar end, then in front of the Cooshed. Then in the East.
Mind you in the 80's you could have taken a chaise long to the East. A Jekyll and Hyde character, as nice as pie outside the ground, inside a shouty sweary bastard,. Him and his mate who also went with his sons, would stand there giving Benny and the refs pelters. Also when the casual stuff started he'd do that walk up to the other end which was noticed by one wag who shouted 'look the casual's godfather!' my dad was chuffed. Anyway he died too young only 68,and never got to see us lift the cup.


Aulder Than The Internet This Radge
Manchester United, like his dad. Born in 1944 he was a kid going along to watch Matt Busbys first iteration, went to Wembley for 4 consecutive FA cup finals for both Manchester teams from 54 onwards. He never really liked Scottish football so he would take me round English grounds following United in the early/mid 80s including 85 cup final when he saw United win the cup for the first time against a quality Everton team.
Can vividly remember him wanting to see Gascoigne play for Newcastle and the crowds being like nothing I’ve seen ever. Got separated outside the ground and was pretty scared, met him inside and couldn’t see a thing behind one of the goals, can’t mind which one. Named me after one of the Babes, unsure about how much my mum knew about the connection.
Still have a wee bit more than a passing interest in their results but it’s not the same anymore


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
It's pretty well known now that my Dad [and mum, brothers and sister] was a hearts sympathiser. I've got a cousin Rab who is a Hibby. He doesn't post on here but he's a mate of @Calzone and drinks in the Harp pre match [pre covid] so at least I'm not alone.


Huns. My dads side of the family are Hibs or Huns supporters going back generations. My mums side of the family are Hibs or Hearts supporters. (And one cousin who is a Motherwell fan randomly)
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