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I originally posted this on another thread but the more I think about it the more I'd like to hear the board's view on some of these questions. So I thought I'd start a new thread and perhaps others can add questions they'd like answered and I wonder if @traceyhibs would be so kind as to share a collated list (I'm happy to put it together into one list) with her board colleagues? Not expecting point by point answers (although it would be nice) but even some general feedback on these would be welcome, or at least taking our views into account in future club communications?

I think the trouble we have is that there's so much of this cliched 'the board doesn't match the manager's ambition' empty rhetoric that no-one ever asks good questions of the board's performance. Challenges I'd suggest are valid (not saying they're doing a bad job on all of these, just that I think they're valid to ask) include:
  • Are they doing enough to support and promote HSL?
  • Should they be developing a parallel donation stream that's not tarnished by whatever nonsense has been thrown at HSL?
  • What are they doing to minimise off field expenditure to free up more funds for playing staff?
  • What level of cash reserves do we carry and are we too risk averse in that respect?
  • Does HTC truly represent value for money or would renting facilities be more cost effective?
  • What are they doing to attract external 'investment' (donations)?
There are probably others but ironically there's never a sensible discussion about board performance because of the shrillness of the anti-board brigade.


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Hi All,

Sorry for the delay and lack of response from last weeks board meeting.

All questions were collated and every question was on our paper. I ensured all questions relating to the same or similar topic were grouped together also.

We had some questions from supporters that were similar to those on here and the feeling round the table was that they would respond and put this up on the website so it was accessible to all.

This should be up this week. It certainly made for a good discussion and would like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to the questions.

Thanks again


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Let your friend know that it was another Director that suggested it go on the website and everyone else agreed.

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It's a good idea to put it out to everyone - my (friend's) concern was that criticism has been made in the past that you and Frank weren't allowed to give 'straight answers to difficult questions' and that any such responses would be sanitised and dressed up by the Board's PR guru.

If you're happy that the answers given are honest and not just 'corporate' or 'PR statements' then that's good enough for my friend.


@traceyhibs In light of recent events, have either the board or the fans reps changed their opinion that sectarian chanting is entirely an issue for the police?
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