Full Time: Queen of the South 1 v 3 Hibernian


I’d go for a 3412:
Porteous McGregor Hanlon
Cadden Irvine Newell Doig
Doidge Nisbet

I want to see what Macey brings to the table and whether he’s worth a contract for next season.

The three at the back should give us plenty security defensively, and allow Hanlon some license to get forward and support at times.

Cadden and Doig will have the entire flanks to bomb up and down.

Boyle would have a sort of free role to roam wherever he can cause the most damage, with Doidge and Nisbet as the strike partnership.


Well-Known Radge
Be a tough game - a cold Monday night in the SW, but, as I with every game, I think we will win.

I would however play our no. 1 goalkeeper and save trying out Macey till we have (if we manage it) 3rd place tied up. I want to win the cup again and therefore we should be playing our best players.


Last Of The Summer Wine Radge
I’d bring in Mike Tyson for some motivational speaking before this one. Lock him in a room with the manager and players and threaten to punch fuk out of every single one of them who doesn’t perform.

These jokers can’t be trusted. I’ll remember the semi final defeats as much as our decent league position. Third place and a semi final spot as a minimum will appease me somewhat.

1-3 and safely into the next round.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
The boy who scored the first touch off the through ball for QOTS v Hearts, I'm looking forward to watching him, he seems to have a real bit about him. Hopefully he doesn't show enough to score, but that clip alone made me think he's one to watch.

Purple & Green

Radge McRadge
I think also that Nissy winning his first cap, highlights just how good he is and if he's on the bench its for a rest not because he's not first choice.
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