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Coffee Shop Radge
Mine was done by a mate back in the early Gimp days, shared interest :)

He just made it for fun an when I said I liked it he sent me it to use. Nae non-fungibles then!

Groovy tho' but this is just the wee thumbnail saved from the prev forum, have now lost original sadly.


Just A Radge
Not sure if that Hibs top is Photo shopped on but hes the guy who helped me discover punk rock and for that i will be enternally grateful


Legendary Radge
Thread starter
Not phottoshopped genuine.In two minds about Peely,brilliant DJ pity about his prediliction for young girls.


Just A Radge
We've got another two I've just noticed.One of you at least, must be pissed off that you look like a 68 year old!
It's been quite a wee while since I was 68 !!
As another poster once stated here, Nostalgia ain't what it used to be!!
But, yes, I did notice these copycats.


Legendary Radge
Mine has been same for ages from the Sunday northern soul at the Hibs club, wasn’t even a regular really but used to enjoy going along to the all dayers sometimes after playing football on Sundays


Legendary Radge
Thread starter
Karen Nevin was 15 when she had sex with Peel she later went on to have an abortion.He has said himself he had sex with young girls,without necasserily asking for id.He married a girl who had only just turned 16 in in the States after admitting he had sex with her before they were married,he was practically kicked out of the States because of it.
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