Profile Pics and their meanings

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Green juventine

Well-Known Radge
Just changed mine recently from F5429E6F-F3D2-4610-BADC-D0081A66554E.jpeg to8B51D659-7B2C-41E3-B23D-2A5E698E4EB8.jpeg The first one I came across after a Hibs game one rainy night in Leith. Believe it was painted by some Canadians who fell in love with Leith and Scotland,what can I say.
The second one is from the other night in Dundee before the game couldn’t resist putting my Hibs scarf on Minnie the minx.


Justified Radge
Ok, most are self explainetery ,like I've got a pic of the famous five,other's have got a pic of their bairns and such like or the Clash.But some would take a bit more explaining.Such as Bviggialante has a pic of some pilot with blood coming out his eyes(I presume from some film?) Aggie has got a sillhoute of somebody in a top hat,and there's another one of what appears to be Concorde wearing a wig?No idea.
Mine is from the cover of my favourite (Scottish) book of all time: Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner.


Hibernian, Hibernian Ra Ra Radge
Mines is obviously Mickey mouse giving everyone the finger because that's the way me and Mickey roll.


Just A Radge
Mine is also self-explanatory, Moaty. And I have to thank the Admins for that. Best I've looked in a long time.
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