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Legendary Radge
Ok, most are self explainetery ,like I've got a pic of the famous five,other's have got a pic of their bairns and such like or the Clash.But some would take a bit more explaining.Such as Bviggialante has a pic of some pilot with blood coming out his eyes(I presume from some film?) Aggie has got a sillhoute of somebody in a top hat,and there's another one of what appears to be Concorde wearing a wig?No idea.
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Radge McRadge
Couldn't remember what mines was, but I see it's now the one who ran the other way at Hampden, erm, running the other way.

I changed it when he came out about mental issues he was having. I really felt for the guy, someone who had been part of something so special. I think when the players look back on their careers, and what they achieved, in 20 years time I think the enormity of what was done that day will still blow them away.


Legendary Radge
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For anyone who doesn't recognise it mine is the Scott Monument. The original was drawn by an Italian friend of my wife. Its made up of words and quotes taken from his books.

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That's extroardanery! I had never looked closely at your pic before. I just thought 'Jack likes the Scott Monument'


A message to you, radge
My pic is from an the album cover 'White light from the mouth of infinity' by Swans.
In my previous job, I was ordered to have a profile picture on my email / internal messaging, so I chose a photo of a tin of spam (Everyone else were putting up happy smiley photos). I was told that was not appropriate and I had to change it, which I did to my picture here. It was just the album I was listening to at the time, so it could have been any album cover from my collection.


Well-Known Radge
Ah...I can explain mine!

My favorite, new/modern band is a group called Gunship. One of their videos is animated and of a German and British WW2 fighter pilot in a dogfight. I took a screenshot if the video paused because I loved how it looked. Worth a watch!

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